Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Learn Anywhere OK?
    Learn Anywhere OK is an initiative of Governor Kevin Stitt and operates through the state’s Oklahoma Supplemental Online Course Program (OSOCP). Our mission is to provide access to high-quality, digital instructional resources to Oklahoma districts and families statewide. We are committed to ensuring that Oklahoma students have access to rigorous academic content anywhere, anytime.

    The Oklahoma Public School Resource Center (OPSRC) will provide helpdesk and customer service support. The governor’s office intends to establish an advisory board that will provide guidance for the operation and direction of Learn Anywhere OK moving forward.
  • Who can access Learn Anywhere OK?
    Learn Anywhere OK aims to serve all Oklahoma students. Through this program, all schools and families will be able to access high quality K-12 digital curriculum through a variety of instructional settings.
  • Who is providing the curriculum that my students will use?
    For the launch, Edmentum is providing the digital curriculum. Edmentum delivers adaptive curriculum, research-based assessments, and holistic educational services to schools and districts across Oklahoma. As we look to the future, it is our expectation to add additional providers.

  • How do you access resources on Learn Anywhere OK?
    If you are a public or private school and want to implement digital curriculum for kindergarten through high school students click here.

    6-12 digital curriculum:
    At no cost, all schools and districts can leverage Edmentum’s libraries of over 400 core and elective courses. Available course libraries include:|
    Social Studies
    World Language
    College & Career Readiness

    K-5 digital curriculum & fully virtual K-12 instructional services: Available with funds allocated to all public school districts in the state. These funds are available for use by districts and can be used to purchase programs and services from Edmentum. Services include digital curriculum for students in grades K-5 and fully virtual K-12 instructional services using Edmentum’s certified virtual instructors. Click here for more details.

    Please click here to see your district’s allocation. Please ensure you have district approval before claiming your funds.
  • How can I get more information about Learn Anywhere OK?
    Questions: Please contact our Learn Anywhere OK helpdesk by emailing or by calling 405-584-6330.

    Getting set up:
    Please sign up to participate in this program by first completing the following form, and a member of the Edmentum team will be reaching out within 72 hours for more details. Please note, a school or district administrator must complete and agree to this form and accompanying order forms.
  • Can private schools access content on Learn Anywhere OK? What about homeschool families?
    Yes. Edmentum programs for grades K-12 are available to all students and families across the state. If you are enrolled in a school, your school can create an account for you to access. If you are homeschooled, please click here to get started.  
  • Is this for individual students to enroll or will this be for schools to offer as part of their program?
    Both. We expect schools to use Learn Anywhere OK to access content and in turn, provide it to their students. For families not enrolled in a school, they can access content directly from Learn Anywhere OK and Edmentum.
  • Where can I see what courses are available?
    For K-5 course listings, click here. For 6-12 course listings, click here.